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Online video

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This course is designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills to work with people at risk of suicide. Participants will learn about common factors that place people and clients at increased risk, how to conduct a suicide risk assessment, what links people to life, and how to intervene to keep clients and others safe 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are equip short courses for?

Most of our courses are developed for Christian counsellors and mental health professionals, including students and those who have already completed formal training and now need ongoing professional development.  Our courses are also appealing to a wider and growing customer base, however, including church leaders, educators, Christian coaches, not-for-profit organisations, and those with an interest in counselling and ministry exploring vocation and calling.  Our strategy includes development of specific courses for Christian schools and churches.

What can I expect from an equip short course?

An Equip short course provides professional and personal development content to enhance your counselling and people helping knowledge and competence.   We develop and curate all courses to ensure they are gospel-centred, evidence-based and responsive to the needs of industry and our growing customer base, both nationally and abroad.

All courses can be completed online, with our catalogue offering text-only, video-only and blended (video and text) options.  Some courses are also delivered as live workshops, either online or face to face at our aifc training centres.  As a participant, you receive all course materials and resources and, upon completion of required learning, obtain a certificate of attainment that includes ongoing professional development (OPD) hours.

Do courses attract ongoing professional development points?

Yes, upon successful completion of each course participants receive a Certificate of Attainment that includes a badge displaying the number of professional development learning hours accomplished.  Certificates of attainment can be used as evidence to meet the ongoing professional development requirements of peak counselling and other organisations. 

What level of training are the courses pitched at?

Different courses are pitched at different levels, with most of our current offerings developed at an intermediate level (about the equivalent of an Australian Qualification Framework level 5 or 6).  We are now focusing on developing and making available a wide range of course options  that include introductory, advanced and very advanced level courses.

Can aifc develop tailored short courses or workshops for my school, church or organisation?

Yes!  In consultation with you, we can develop specific short courses and workshops to make sure your specific learning outcomes and requirements are met.  Courses can also be packaged from our existing catalogue for group training and professional development events.  For more on this, email us at

Can I onboard to an accredited aifc course after completing a short course?

We have designed and packaged a number of our short courses to enable onboarding to our accredited Diploma of Counselling qualification for those who wish to.  The Certificate of Pastoral (Lay) Counselling is a non-accredited course that nevertheless includes content and learning equivalent to 8 units in the Diploma of Counselling qualification.  Participants who successfully complete the 8 modules in the Certificate have the option of engaging in an additional 3 hours of online teaching for each module, completing required assessment, and receiving credit towards half the Diploma of Counselling.  If you are interested in this option, email us at for more.

Can I buy a number of courses for a reduced price?

Yes, aifc offers an attractive and integrated membership option for counsellors and mental health professionals that includes access to our full short course catalogue.  As well as the short course catalogue, members are give access to the My Christian Counsellor online counselling platform, enabling them to provide to provide and receive individual or group counselling services and use log reports, metrics and resources to build a successful counselling practice.  Visit the My AIFC ID for more (link).

For Equip customers who are not counsellors, email at to discuss your requirements.

Can I talk to a course advisor or assessor about my course?

Yes.  Although all short courses include clear learning instructions and are designed to be completed online and in a self-directed way, participants can still email the Equip team for any support needed on any aspect of their learning.  We promise a member of our team will get back to you with a response within 24 hours during working days.  Seek us out at

How can I provide feedback on my course?

Yes, you can provide feedback on your course experience via our Equip Feedback Form available from our Equip website and the online course catalogue.