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Christian Counselling Courses

Study with the trusted leaders in Christian Counselling

Whether you are looking for personal growth or to be equipped for your future career, we have the Christian counselling course that’s right for you.

Our Courses


Diploma of Counselling

Foundational training that introduces you to the latest theological, psychological and spiritual approaches to counselling and equips you with effective people helping skills.


Advanced Diploma of Counselling and Family Therapy (Christian)

Begin your outward-focussed journey in counselling and explore a number of elective units to suit your calling, interests and vocational goals.


Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy (Spiritual)

Learn advanced, cognitive and technical communication skills to enhance your leadership ability. Select and apply well known empirically tested therapies.

About Our Courses

Founded in 1992, aifc’s courses were created out of a growing need for counselling training with a Christian perspective. Almost 25 years on, aifc is the leader in the field. All our Christian counselling courses are:



Our courses integrate Theology, Psychology and Spirituality. We train and equip Christian counsellors, rather than Christians who do counselling.


Taught by professionals

Our trainers and assessors are all experts in their field. High quality training, combined with one-on-one access to lecturers makes the difference.



aifc offers seminar online blended, and online supported modes of our course. You choose which delivery mode is best suited for your lifestyle and work commitments.


With funding options and Austudy & Abstudy available to eligible students, our courses continue to be affordable and within reach of those seeking to become a qualified counsellor.



All our courses are nationally recognised. In fact aifc is the only Christian counselling vocational education institution to be accredited by ACA, PACFA and is a member of ACPET.