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Our popular short courses are built for those looking to refresh their skills, progress towards an accreditation or simply become more equipped in their workplace.

As trusted leaders in Christian Counselling, aifc takes a comprehensive and balanced approach to counselling training that integrates psychology, theology and spirituality.

Our courses are offered face to face or online.

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aifc offer two modes of study for you to choose from when selecting a short course

Accredited Option and a Professional Development Option

4 Recorded Webinars

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1. Working with couples Part 1 – A Christian Counselling Introduction – presented by Tracey Milson


This recorded webinar introduces common couple issues and how to work with couples from a biblical perspective. Key points that are covered are covenant vs contract, communication interventions, conflict resolution principles and an overview of proven couples counselling models.


2. Working with Couples Part 2 – Presented by Tracey Milson


This webinar will continue with how to work with couples from a biblical perspective. Key points that will be covered are: What is love in marriage, phases, roles, roles of parents, needs, revitalising marriage and how the aifc model (AFTM) can be used. 


3. Gospel-Centred Spirituality for Christian Counsellors and Pastoral Care Workers – Presented by Steve Poisat


Christian counsellors and pastoral care workers are required to reflect on our spirituality and its impact on our counselling practice. This webinar will consider some important principles and practices of theological reflection and healthy spirituality that is grounded in the grace and truth of the gospel and its implications for counselling ministry.


4. The impact of trauma on families – presented by Shivon Barresi


This recorded webinar focuses on the various definitions, categories and layers of trauma experienced by clients. It explores the relational disruptions as a result of experiencing a traumatic event, and the impact these experiences can have on an individual and family. It emphasises the need to apply trauma-informed family sensitive practice; looking at the implications and principles when working with family systems.


Costs per webinar: Free (no certificate) or $30 for Certificate of Participation with ACA OPD points (requires completing a short assessment with multiple-choice questions and a short reflection on personal application)


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Interested in professional development for your school or organisation?

aifc offers tailored on-site professional development and short courses for schools, churches or teams, delivered by our experienced trainers and professional counsellors.

If you feel that your organisation could benefit from training in any of these topics, please register your interest for a quick consultation with one of our team.

Why study a short course?

Start your counselling journey.

If you’ve never studied counselling before it’s a perfect way to experience studying with aifc.

Continue to build your knowledge and skills.

If you have existing counselling qualifications short courses are ideal for deepening your knowledge and up-skilling.

Use your credit for future study.

Receive a competency transcript that can be applied towards a VET qualification.

Maria Tan

I have encountered all sorts of mental health conditions, and I wanted to be in a better position to help people. By studying with aifc, I felt I could be best equipped to help those around me.


I like how at aifc there are like-minded people - all the students, and even the lecturers, their insights and having the biblical Christian foundation, that was what really drew me to it.

Rhonda Newton

I was at aifc open day, and my hear started beating really fast. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit all over me, and I felt God was saying to me, "this is for you. I want you to do this."