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The Australian Institute of Family Counselling Limited (AIFC) is a professional training organisation engaged solely in higher education and counselling training.

Our primary focus is to offer bible-based counselling training to the Christian community, at a reasonable cost. As a multi-denominational organisation, we’re not connected with any specific Christian denomination.

Family counselling management and administration is provided through the AIFC National Office in Canberra. AIFC Centres exist in other locations. Intensive teaching seminars are conducted in well-equipped conference centres that provide excellent professional services at corporate training level with accommodation available for students who require it.

We are a not-for-profit, independent public company limited by guarantee, registered under the Corporations Act 2001. AIFC directors are Dr Bruce and Nellie Litchfield, Henk de Puit, Philip Lavis and Ken Lister. An advisory panel of experts regularly advises the AIFC leadership.

Seminar dates, venues, Centre Directors and their contact details are available by ‘clicking’ on a location in the ‘Contact Us’ section.


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