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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours a week are needed to do the assignments?

This will vary depending on your academic ability. This is a full-time course, and the average student will need to spend around 20 hours a week during the 40 weeks of the course each year, made up of course contact hours, home assignments and supervised practicum. Students who have little or no post-secondary school training experience may need to spend more time initially to develop their reading and study skills.

As you become more familiar with the requirements of the assignments, it gets easier and faster. Should the study commitments prove to be a burden; a safety net can be negotiated in the form of flexible learning.


Can someone who hasn’t studied for years do the course?

It is certainly possible. We have had a number of students in the past who were out of touch from studies but were able to satisfactorily complete the course. A detailed student handbook, which is given out at the start of the course, will explain all you need to know about assignments. Moreover, aifc staff are always available to help you with the academic requirements.


Can someone with a very demanding job and a large family complete the course?

Classroom activities are limited to three-day intensive training seminars at the beginning of each of the four terms and a one-day seminar at the end of the last term. This means it is possible for candidates to carry on with their vocation while attaining counselling competence. In the past, students have managed their family and work commitments while completing the course.

However, you need to allow enough time to do justice to the assignments, and you should be confident of setting aside two to three hours a day to satisfactorily complete the course assignments. Priorities have to be set in order to satisfactorily do the course without inflicting stress on you or your family.