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Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning


Your previous training, work experience and/or life experience may mean that you are already competent in some of the outcomes of a training course.

aifc recognises prior learning (RPL) and current competencies (Credit Transfer) in the context of units within our accredited courses.  We acknowledge any previous learning or experience that is relevant to some specific learning outcomes of the course.

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How is RPL different from Credit Transfer?
RPL is the process by which your existing skills, knowledge and experience gained through training, work and/or life experiences, are recognised towards the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification or statement of attainment.

Credit Transfer, on the other hand, applies when you as a candidate have completed units of competency that are deemed same or equivalent, either in a different course or at another registered education provider, locally or internationally. Credit transfer arrangements are made by the owners of courses where there is an agreement that the outcomes of each course or unit(s)/module(s) are sufficiently equivalent.

What are the benefits of recognition?
Recognition can provide a student with the opportunity to gain a full or partial qualification without having to study units that cover skills they already have. This means that you may be able to reduce the cost and time taken to gain the qualification.

You can get recognition in 2 ways.

  • Credit Transfer: allows you to get credit toward a qualification for units of competency that you have already completed
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): recognises skills, knowledge or experience you have gained from your work background or outside the formal education system.
What do I need to do to apply for recognition?
If you wish to receive recognition of prior learning or credit transfer, you need to indicate your interest for it on the online enrolment form. aifc will contact you to discuss the necessary evidence you will need to supply. A decision about your eligibility for RPL will be reached prior to the completion of your enrolment.
What is the next step?

You are required to take a print of the Candidates Guide and follow the step-by-step process to obtaining an RPL.

RPL Nomination Form (Diploma, Cert IV, Graduate Diploma)

Candidates Guide – Stage 1

Candidates Guide – Stage 2

Candidates Declaration