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What we stand for

What we stand for

Our Purpose
Transforming lives to transform communities.
Our Mission
Transformed lives, flourishing relationships and changed communities through Christian counselling and equipping people for life.
Our Vision
To be trusted leaders in Christian counselling. We provide life changing personal and professional education and training to individuals and organisations. We create vibrant learning communities and build effective partnerships to equip and grow people to be released into their vocation.

Authentic faith:

Our Christian faith is the foundation of what we believe and how we live. Our courses are bible- based and Christ- centred, and our teams and students are motivated by living out a genuine expression of our Christian faith, committed to the ongoing journey of discipleship.

People & relationships:

Healthy relationships are foundational for every aspect of life. Valuing people is intertwined into the fabric of our learning communities and is modelled through our broader partnerships.

Transformational growth:

We foster and embrace ongoing, life giving, restorative and transformational growth in ourselves, our students, our organisation and our communities.

Steward leadership:

We have been greatly entrusted with the people, platform and resources in aifc. We seek to humbly and intentionally steward and grow our leadership capability and invest into the lives of our students and communities.

Professional excellence:

As a leading, accredited, national education provider we are committed to the highest level of professional excellence – demonstrated through the quality of our educators and the process, delivery and outcomes of everything we do.

We are Not-for-Profit
aifc is an Australian National Not-for-Profit accredited institution offering Christian Counselling courses to train up leaders who can serve the mental health of our communities. All our course fees are reinvested back into our courses and into our publicly available resources to equip individuals and communities to strengthen their spiritual, emotional and mental health.