Support People with Eating Disorders Skill Set - aifc
Intake Dates: August 2022, October 2022 and December 2022
Course price is $397.00
Support People with Eating Disorders Skill Set
About the Skill Set
Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disease. Many people experiencing an eating disorder suffer from depression and/or anxiety. This Skill Set equips participants with principles and strategies to help clients and carers struggling with disordered eating issues.

Skill Set Modules


Counselling for Eating Disorders

explored the risks and warning signs for the development of eating disorders, the importance of early intervention, evidence-based counselling approaches, and resources to support positive body esteem and healthy behaviours

Supporting Carers of Disordered Eating Clients

introduces participants to important factors to consider when working with carers who support individuals experiencing an eating disorder. A focus of the course is on understanding the healthy self vs. the disordered-eating self, myths and facts about disordered eating, and practical strategies to help individuals when their emotions become dysregulated.