Support People with Eating Disorders Skill Set - aifc
About the Skill Set

Skill sets are packaged units, or modules, designed to give you a solid working understanding and skills in a particular topic area.  Skill sets benefit you by giving you more career opportunities and ensuring ongoing professional development. They are designed as fully online, automated courses with no live training. 

Skill sets are quickly becoming recognised as an important short form of training for the modern world of work. They are seen to have a variety of purposes, including upskilling, meeting a defined industry need, and as an entry point to further training.

Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disease. Many people experiencing an eating disorder suffer from depression and/or anxiety. This Skill Set equips participants with principles and strategies to help clients and carers struggling with disordered eating issues.

What’s included in this Skill Set?
This skill set includes unit readers, pre-recorded video training, supplementary reading resources, and learning activities. A multiple choice quiz to assess your learning is the final step in the process and triggers an online Certificate that you can use as evidence of professional development.

Skill Set Modules


Counselling for Eating Disorders

explored the risks and warning signs for the development of eating disorders, the importance of early intervention, evidence-based counselling approaches, and resources to support positive body esteem and healthy behaviours

Supporting Carers of Disordered Eating Clients

introduces participants to important factors to consider when working with carers who support individuals experiencing an eating disorder. A focus of the course is on understanding the healthy self vs. the disordered-eating self, myths and facts about disordered eating, and practical strategies to help individuals when their emotions become dysregulated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the aifc Skill Sets part of an accredited program of study?

No, the skills sets are not accredited or part of the accredited courses that aifc has on offer. These, however, can go towards PD and building professional knowledge in areas you are interested in.

How is the Skill Set delivered?

Our skill sets are delivered fully online with no live training. Enrolment and payment can be made directly through our website, at the which point you will get access to recordings, reading and other resources, and quizzes to complete.

Most Skill Sets can be completed between 4 and 6 weeks provided you can dedicate 2 or 3 hours each week to go through the resources. Some students will be able to complete them in less time than this.

When is your next enrolment?

We have 4 intake periods each year. Please click here to browse the available courses.

How much does it cost?

The Certificate is $397

Are there any payment plans?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any payment plans for Skill Set. Payment for the Skill Set is required at the time of enrolment.

How can I find out more?

To find out more, send us an email at or contact our National Office team, on 1300 721 397. You can also click here to enrol directly.