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Providing hope and healing through the training, equipping and delivery of Christian Counselling services to transform lives and communities in Jesus name.

Your gift to the aifc foundation will enable:
  • Providing subsidised Christian Counselling to people in need
  • Connecting people in need to Christian Counsellors through innovative platforms
  • Raising up & equipping Christian Counsellors in Australia and overseas
  • Reaching people through transformational content and resources

About the foundation

Why a foundation, why now?

Well, it is no understatement to say that we are facing a mental and emotional health crisis. We live in a time of rapid relational, social and cultural change. The growing prevalence and adverse impact of this crisis brings devastating effects upon, individuals, families and our communities.

Yet, I believe there is much to be hopeful for. God has had his hand over aifc for the past 25 years for “such a time as this”.

In this time we have trained and equipped over 7000 Alumni who we conservatively estimate have provided over 1,000,000 counselling sessions. We have the people and platforms in place.

We have seen and heard many thousands of wonderful stories of life transformation. Indeed our purpose is transforming lives to transform communities.

There is something profoundly impactful about combining the best practice mental and emotional health training with the liberating truth of the gospel.

Now we must turn our attention to the future and significantly grow and scale our reach.

This aifc Foundation and your support allows us to do that. I thank you for your prayerful support in this endeavour.

In Christ,

Nicholas Marks

CEO aifc

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