Support Young People Skill Set - aifc
Intake Dates: July 2022 and September 2022
Course price is $497.00
Support Young People Skill Set
About the Skill Set
This Skill Set equips participants with principles and strategies to help young people navigate adolescence, the family cycle and the school context.

Skill Set Modules


Biblical Principles for Parenting

This Module focuses on gospel-centred parenting, different parenting styles, and effective strategies to parent generations Z and Alpha.

Navigating Adolescence

This module considers the main tasks of adolescence, and unpacks how mental ill-health conditions can impact on young people’s developmental trajectory.  There is a strong emphasis on the influence of the family, and how caregivers can provide support to a young person ways that are understanding and empathic.

A Day in the Life of a School Counsellor

This module introduces participants to the common issues that present in school counselling. Using case studies and vignettes that focus on typical assessments, interventions and safety planning.