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Our History

Our History

aifc began in response to a strong demand for counsellor training with a distinctly Christian focus.

In the early 90s, Dr Bruce and Nellie Litchfield found themselves fielding increasing requests from church leaders to deliver seminars on Christian counselling. They had both been through their own journey of brokenness and renewal, which had prompted them to complete counselling studies, and they had started to share what they had learnt from their years as Marriage and Family Therapists.

By 1992, after several years of intense work, both in Australia and in the USA, and spurred on by a deep God-given passion for the health and restoration of individuals and families, the seminars were expanded and formalised into short course training.

Two years later, the program was brought under the banner of Family Ministries, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and accredited as an Advanced Certificate in Christian Counselling and Family Therapy. Then, with additional development, in 1997 the courses were accredited as a Certificate IV and Diploma in Christian Counselling and Family Therapy.

Through restructuring, in 1999, the courses were transferred to the Family Resource Centre Australia, Institute for the Nations (YWAM) Canberra (the local expression of YWAM’s international University of the Nations); but due to its remarkable growth, in 2001 the study program was taken out of YWAM and given its own identity as the newly formed Australian Institute of Family Counselling Limited.

In 2003, the Diploma was upgraded to an Advanced Diploma of Counselling and Family Therapy (Christian), and in 2010, a three year Vocational Graduate Certificate (VGC) in Counselling and Family Therapy (Christian) was introduced; which was later replaced by the Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy (Spiritual).

aifc now delivers Seminar-based programs Australia-wide through centres in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. We also offer an Online Supported Mode program for students who are unable to attend training via study centres. 

aifc co-founder, Dr. Bruce Litchfield passed away on 2 July, 2018.