Support People with Anxiety and Depression Skill Set - aifc
Intake Dates: July 2022, September 2022 and November 2022
Course price is $397.00
Support People with Anxiety and Depression Skill Set
About the Skill Set
This Skill Set equips participants with principles and strategies to help people dealing with anxiety and depression.

Skill Set Modules


Counselling for Anxiety: Cognitive Behavioural Approaches

This Module explores the risk and protective factors associated with the development of anxiety, and unpacks a cognitive behavioural model of intervention that integrates Christian spirituality approaches. Participants learn about the nature of worry, why people use hypervigilant strategies to avoid negative outcomes, practical assessment and intervention strategies, and theological considerations around anxiety.

Supporting People with Grief and Loss Issues

This module provides you with a framework to understand the complexities of loss, grief and mourning, and the impacts they have on people’s lives. Explored from a Christian perspective, this module helps participants build valuable knowledge of the diversity of the grieving process, and prepares you for the situations you will encounter in practice.