Partnerships - aifc

Our Partners

We collaborate with organisations to create a community of partners that share our purpose for

transforming lives to transform communities.


We work with these partners to offer:


Teaching:  Short non-accredited courses on vital topics like grief and loss, cyber bullying, parenting, relationships and communication

Preaching:  One hour teachings on trending topics that can take the place of weekly services or sessions.

Counselling Services:  We can partner with you to provide onsite or online counselling services to your church or organisation.

To find out more about our partnership programs, please contact us on 1300 721 397, or email:

Hillsong City Care mobilise volunteers to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people, through; providing help in a crisis, counselling, health centre services, life and leadership skills and advocacy.

Promoting God centred, bible-based and spirit-led Christian counseling throughout Asia, integrating psychology, theology, spirituality and missions.

CCAA’s vision is professional excellence for Christian counsellors, serving God, the church and the wider community.

CCAA registers professionally trained Christian counsellors and provides professional accountability. It promotes professional development through networking, seminars and conferences.

Wealth with Purpose aims to help people manage the money that God has blessed them with, in a way that honours him and enables you to live financially free so that you can fulfil the calling that God has for you. Offering courses on Honouring God with your Money,  Being a Good Steward and Protecting your Family’s Finances, amongst many others.

Australia For Jesus is a growing network of Christians formed by the Holy Spirit to help the lost people of Australia and New Zealand discover who Jesus is and, through repentance and faith in Him, be saved from sin and receive God’s Gift of Eternal Life.

The Compass Foundation is a faith-formation ministry committed to hosting places of intensive formation where God’s vision for life is explored.

Whether our annual year-12 Schools Conference in Canberra, or our formation retreats for teachers and development practitioners, Compass events seek to ground identity, purpose, vocation and character in a deepening revelation of God’s vision for life.

The Diamond pregnancy support network offers practical assistance in helping families navigate their thoughts and concerns as they face an unplanned pregnancy. They seek to relieve women of the anxiety of an unplanned pregnancy by meeting their immediate AND long-term needs. They assist in building a network of emotional, practical and spiritual support to empower and equip families to fulfil their hopes and dreams.