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3 Key Considerations Before Becoming A Christian Counsellor

Be prepared and equipped for your calling to help others. In this webinar, we will cover clarifying your suitability, finding the right course, and choosing a career path.



3 questions to ask yourself about Mental & Emotional Health…

Find out how to grow your capacity to effectively respond to mental and emotional health issues in your marriage, family, work or church community.  

Faith Under Pressure: Do you know who you are?

Who are you? A simple question to answer, or so it would seem. Responses will be […]

Lest We Forget

Did you know that the phrase “lest we forget”, which we use to commemorate those who died in warfare, came from the Bible? “Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget—lest we forget!” So the context is God, not those who have died.

Faith Under Pressure: Where Are You Looking?

Where can we turn to? Where can we look during times when we are being bombarded relentlessly, it seems. I’d like to suggest three places to look, if you will, all drawn from God’s Word that will hopefully enable us to move forward even when our faith is under pressure.

Where Does my Treasure Lie?

There are many different opinions surrounding wealth. Through this lens of ultimate truth, we explore two key questions that if answered honesty and reflectively, can serve to ground us in uncertain times.

Finances Under Pressure

Due to COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, many of us may have experienced a reduction in our household income over the last 18 months.  Like a lot of other parts of life, our finances are under pressure, with counsellors telling us they are fielding callers to financial support and related mental health services – many for the first time. The following tips can help us cope and provide important perspective. 

Reaching up, down, in and around

Franekel and Cho’s four-part framework can help couples and families cope in isolation and lockdown, and help mitigate the negative effects on our relationships.

Master of Christian Counselling

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Equip yourself with counselling skills

At aifc, our sole focus is to train and equip Christian Counsellors. More than just a counsellor, a Christian counsellor trusts in God and listens to His still small voice above all else.

It’s a big difference.

Nicholas Marks, CEO aifc

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