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Becoming a Christian Counsellor

Hear the compelling stories of 3 people who studied Christian Counselling with aifc and how they walked in their calling and into new careers in Christ



3 questions to ask yourself about Mental & Emotional Health…

Find out how to grow your capacity to effectively respond to mental and emotional health issues in your marriage, family, work or church community.  

Christian Counselling in the Digital Age

There is a currently a mental health epidemic in Australia, with depression and anxiety on the rise. History has shown us that Christians can make a significant con...

What Do Kindness & Compassion Have To Do With Anxiety?

Practicing kindness and compassion towards others, and towards ourselves, has a positive effect on our well-being and can assist with managing anxiety.

5 Ways Shattered Trust Can Be Regained

Our natural instinct is to protect ourselves when we’ve been emotionally or pysically wounded. Learn these 5 ways shattered trust can be regained.

aifc Graduate Feedback  – Miranda Hocking-Smith

Miranda answers a series of questions asked of our graduates for the purpose of understanding the student’s over-all experience while studying at aifc.

Gaining the Upper Hand On Eating Disorders

Eating disorders affect everyone; men, women and children. People of all cultures and religions.  No one is immune. So what do we do about this?

How Shift Work Can Impact On Relationships

Do you ever wonder how shift workers and their families ever manage to get by without seeing each other as often as day time working families do?

5 Great Reasons To Get Out For A Walk Today

Walking – empower and energise your mind: 5 reasons why you will want to go outside.

Master of Christian Counselling

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Equip yourself with counselling skills

At aifc, our sole focus is to train and equip Christian Counsellors. More than just a counsellor, a Christian counsellor trusts in God and listens to His still small voice above all else.

It’s a big difference.

Nicholas Marks, CEO aifc

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