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3 Key Considerations Before Becoming A Christian Counsellor

Be prepared and equipped for your calling to help others. In this webinar, we will cover clarifying your suitability, finding the right course, and choosing a career path.



3 questions to ask yourself about Mental & Emotional Health…

Find out how to grow your capacity to effectively respond to mental and emotional health issues in your marriage, family, work or church community.  

5 Myths About Mental Illness Most Christians Hold

Myths and misconceptions about mental ill health can cause many Christians to avoid talking about their […]

The shortest Psalm and the greatest wisdom

Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter in the Bible:  just two verses, approximately thirty words. The message is powerful, especially for those who struggle with worry and anxiety.  Here’s four take-away points from it.

5 tips to manage your Anxiety

Those of us who have a tendency to worry know what it’s like to feel constantly in fight or flight battle mode. It can leave us feeling exhausted. Here are 5 tips to help keep a check on your anxiety and manage it in ways that have been found to work.

The Story of Tim

These are stressful times, and different brains respond in different ways. What exactly is happening here when social anxiety kicks in?

Focusing on Jesus

The current season of Lent – which commenced on March 2nd – offers us an opportunity to do just that:  keep our focus firmly on Jesus. 

Wait. An Advent Reflection.

Near the heart of the Christmas / Advent Story is the expectation that God is going to offer a gift. The head-fake in this Bible story is that, when those waiting come up on or are given that gift, it’s just a baby. 

Master of Christian Counselling

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Equip yourself with counselling skills

At aifc, our sole focus is to train and equip Christian Counsellors. More than just a counsellor, a Christian counsellor trusts in God and listens to His still small voice above all else.

It’s a big difference.

Nicholas Marks, CEO aifc

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