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About this Course

A warm welcome to the Mapping Motivation online training program on behalf of a worldwide network of over 800 practitioners across 15 countries (in nine languages), who are making a difference in the lives of a wide array of government, corporate and private clients seeking to improve their focus and performance.

This online program is based largely on the book, ‘Mapping Motivation: Unlocking the Key to Employee Energy and Engagement’, by James Sale, the founder of Motivational Mapping and leading Australian Business Practitioner in Motivational Mapping, Marie Ball.

Motivational mapping has been a helpful technology available to consultants, coaches, HR and Organisation Behaviour/Organisation Development practitioners, counsellors and anyone who is passionate about personal development, since 2006, with hundreds of thousands of people who have been mapped and helped to improve the quality of their work life and well-being.

The Certificate program is an exciting development in understanding and shaping human motivation and behaviour. It is aimed to transform the practice and experience of coaches, counsellors, specialists in human performance and anyone who is passionate about being their best selves.

This course will:


  1. Introduce you to the core technology underpinning motivational mapping
  2. Provide you with an opportunity to experience motivation mapping for yourself
  3. Help you to apply this system in your own life and to see the potential to apply it in your own professional practice
  4. Enable you to take action once you have completed the course to becoming accredited as a licensed motivational mapping practitioner if you choose

Key learning areas:


  • Over approximately ten hours of reading, application and reflection, you will get to know the system that we refer to as motivational mapping.
  • Understanding its foundations and the characteristics of the core nine motivators that shape our behaviour.
  • The ways that your own, and your clients’, behaviours can be shaped and improved by paying closer attention to the operation of primary motivators and reward strategy.
  • Examining ways that practitioners can integrate motivational mapping into their professional work.

The Modules will cover:

The Story of Motivational Mapping
Foundations of Motivation and Motivational Mapping
The Nine Motivators
Mapping your Motivation
Applying Motivational Mapping to Performance Improvement
Applying Motivational Mapping to Team Development
Using Motivational Mapping in Coaching, Counselling and HR Practice
Ethical Issues in Motivational Mapping
The Next Steps in Motivational Mapping
Case Studies


What others have said about this Course!


“As a counsellor in private practice, Mapping Motivation was transformative. Engaging and well-resourced, the course took me well beyond confirming insights into the drivers operating within my own professional practice. I have no doubt anyone completing this course will find it enriching both personally and professionally.”

“Marie Ball has wonderfully packaged the depths of ‘motivational mapping’ into a bite-sized, student-friendly resource. This course unlocks the challenges many of us face when we explore a person’s personality and other characteristics. The course takes us on a resource-rich journey of how to map the dynamic profile of a…

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