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Student Support

What help and support can I expect as a student?


aifc seeks to provide student support throughout a student’s training journey, from pre-enrolment through to graduation.  aifc intentionally works with students to identify support needs and implement actions to assist in removing barriers to a successful training journey.

When enrolling, potential students are screened for possible support needs.  If issues arise during enrolment or during the students training journey, a Student Support plan may be developed between relevant aifc staff and the student.  The support plan identifies support needs and agreed actions for the student and aifc staff to minimise the impact of identified barriers to learning.

A student with aifc, is personally supported, coached and mentored throughout the training by a dedicated assessor or coach.  Students are encouraged to discuss issues with their assessor and/or coach as they arise.  National office staff are also available to provide support around administrative issues.

aifc staff are very keen to receive feedback and support students with any issues relating to their training journey, so students are encouraged to raise any questions or issues with assessment tasks, training content, finances or personal issues arising from the course.  All students are encouraged to seek advice, help or assistance, prior to, rather than after the expected submission of assessment tasks.

If students are experiencing personal problems unrelated to the course, they are encouraged to seek help through a qualified counsellor or their local church.


Students with Disabilities

Many students with disabilities have successfully completed our courses. All students have strengths and weaknesses, some of which may affect their studies. Students who have special disabilities may seek special consideration. Staff are encouraged to help all students to develop their gifts and abilities to the fullest possible extent.

If you have a disability that you believe may impact or affect your studies, please indicate this when asked during the enrolment process, so appropriate and possible supports can be explored and discussed. 

Having a disability will not exempt students from being required to meet the course requirements and standards.  Trainers will be available to assist you where possible to meet these requirements.  A Student Support Plan will be developed to clarify supports and responsibilities put in place to assist. 

Personal information about your disability will only be disclosed to relevant staff members.