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VET FEE-HELP (expired)

What are VET Student Loans

Vet Fee Help has now been replaced by Vet Student Loans. aifc have been approved as a provider for VET Student Loans and will provide you with more information about the program as it becomes available. The current source for information from the Government on the new scheme can be found at the Department of Education and Training website


NOTE: VET Student Loans commenced on 1 January 2017, replacing the VET FEE-HELP scheme, which ceased for new students on 31 December 2016. If you have accessed a VET FEE-HELP loan prior to 31 December 2016 (i.e. you had at least one census date for your course that occurred on or before 31 December 2016), and will be continuing your studies after 1 January 2017, you will not be automatically transferred to the new VET Student Loans program. You will need to ‘opt-in’ to keep access to VET FEE-HELP loan for your course. 

For information about VET FEE-HELP, including how to opt-in to VET FEE-HELP in 2017 and what to do if your VET FEE-HELP provider closes down, or if you have general VET FEE-HELP complaints and enquiries, please visit:

Tuition Assurance Statement For VET FEE-HELP

Important changes for students accessing VET FEE-HELP

Due to recent Government changes, all students who intend to access VET FEE-HELP now need to complete a “Student entry procedure” prior to enrolment acceptance.

Students will need to provide aifc with a copy of their Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (year 12 certificate) or display a required level of competence in both reading and numeracy. If you have not completed year 12 or equivalent but have completed a Cert IV or above you will need to provide us with appropriate documentation as evidence. If you have neither year 12 nor Cert IV and above you will be required to complete an online assessment to provide an analysis of your literacy and numeracy level prior to the commencement of the aifc course.

The assessment will be conducted online through an approved assessment tool. The cost for the assessment will be $20. Once payment has been made, aifc will email you login details for the assessment to be completed. The assessment should take approximately 1 hour to complete and will form part of your application process with aifc.

Our students are our priority so please do not hesitate to call us to discuss it further as we are here to help you.

For more information about the assessment tools and requirements please click here.

Click Here to download the VET FEE-HELP Information Booklet – 2016

Click Here to download the VET FEE-HELP Information Brochure– 2016

Click Here to download the VET FEE-HELP Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for VET FEE‑HELP if you:

  • are an Australian citizen or permanent humanitarian visa holder (resident in Australia for the duration of the unit) or a New Zealand citizen with a Special Category VisaAND
  • have not exceeded the FEE‑HELP limit (see below); AND
  • are enrolled with aifc in an eligible unit of study by the census date for that unit.

For more information regarding eligibility requirements, read the VET FEE‑HELP Information booklet, available on the publications page.

For more information click here

How to apply
  1. Read through the 2015 VET FEE-HELP Booklet.
  2. Contact aifc to request a “VET FEE-HELP assistance form”. By signing and submitting the form you are declaring that you have read the booklet and are aware of your obligations under VET FEE-HELP.
  3. Return your completed “VET FEE-HELP assistance form” to the aifc National Office BEFORE the census date of the term of study.
  4. For further information on VET FEE-HELP visit their website.


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