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Over the years our students have had many wonderful things to say about studying aifc’s counselling courses. Facebook reviews cannot be altered by the business page owners and their page managers in any way making reviews the genuine opinions of our past and present students.  Note that some grammatical errors have been corrected without altering the message. Visit our aifc’s Facebook page to read all the current reviews.

Below are some of aifc’s 5 Star Reviews

Melita Evelise – I am privileged to be doing my studies with AIFC. I have such a heart to see people’s life being transformed. I believe that I will be an effective Counsellor and Family Therapist through the great holistic teaching & practical application I’ve received and continue to receive. I totally recommend aifc to those considering doing counselling. *****

Angeline Randall – I have recently started my counselling course and I found that I received all the confirmations that this is a God appointed decision and has given me purpose again. I am presently in my 3rd semester and finding it challenging but interesting. I am excited as I first did my journals that God encouraged and reminded me about my goal to do therapeutic group work with Aboriginal women. I’m looking forward to completing the 3 yrs as God enables me, through His grace. *****

Frances Gall – A wonderful course. I am studying part time and looking forward to doing the second half of my diploma course next year. A lot of courses require that you have a degree in something first, to do the graduate diploma in counselling. I am so happy this course enables me without a prior degree to progress through counselling studies. *****

Danielle Marie Schimke (2015) – Best thing I have ever done, it has changed and is still changing my life and the life of my family. Great staff, great material, I recommend the diploma course even if you are not interested in counselling. *****

Rebecca Lucas (2016)  – This course needs to be part of school education…exploration and revelation of self, life, relationships and God, even without the God component so many foundations to prepare you for life stages, challenges, marriage, personalities, character, temperament, parenting, sex, culture, communication, addiction, acceptance, respect and all the ground work for relationships, which is ultimately a part of life that can make us or break us and a part of life we are never without.*****

Vanessa Chang (2016)  – I’m only two weeks in to my first year with aifc and am already astounded at the care and nurturing that this environment creates. It has been THE BEST learning environment I’ve ever been involved in; the amount of care that goes into us as students (both naturally and spiritually) is remarkable and so very rare!! Am thoroughly enjoying it so far and looking forward to a great year, or two, or three ahead!! Thank you so much aifc!!
Ps. Brisbane team rock! *****

Pastor Geoff McCutcheon (2016) – A most blessed year and completion of the Diploma in Christian Counselling. (The Courses are) highlighted by personal growth in Christ and a much greater understanding of interpersonal relationships. Very supportive tutorial staff and I encourage others to seriously consider enrolling with aifc. God will bless your efforts in order to help others who are mentally challenged. *****

Studying at aifc

For those who would like to enrol in aifc’s accredited Christian counselling courses we have two intakes per year for courses commencing around the following months:

  • At The beginning of each year in February.
  • Mid-Year courses commence in July.

Enrolments open approximately 3 months prior the the courses commencing. Enquire now by filling out the form with your details to receive course information by email.

Contact aifc Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm with your enquiries on 6242 5111 or toll free on 1300 721 397