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Course Delivery Modes

How we deliver our courses

For both of our delivery modes you will require:
– Access to a computer with a webcam and a secure, reliable internet connection
– Basic computer and word processing skills
– Good written and spoken English

Seminar Blended Mode

Four x 3 day intensives plus a 1 day at the end of the year

For this mode of delivery students attend face to face classes for 3 days each term. The classes are offered as a three day block and are called seminars. Two out of three days in each block are dedicated to training. The third day is for assessment. These seminar classes are supported by online content on aifc’s Moodle platform. When not at seminar, you will be assigned an assessor who will guide and support you during your aifc training journey.

Seminar students also complete self-directed study by interacting with peer study groups and learning partners to assist in the learning journey. Seminars are held at slightly different times in different locations, and therefore the term start dates are not identical around Australia. Where possible, term dates are designed to allow for a one or two week break in the middle of the year.

Please refer to the aifc website for seminar, VET Student Loan census dates, and details regarding your study location.

Full-time and part-time options are available with our Seminar Blended Mode. Assuming you meet the eligibility criteria, you may be able to receive Austudy/Abstudy.

Online Supported Mode

Now you can study with aifc from anywhere in Australia, or even overseas!

This delivery mode is ideal for students who are unable to attend seminar blended mode due to distance or work/family commitments.

Full-time and part-time options, along with a beginning of the year and mid-year enrollment entries are available with our Online Supported Mode. Assuming you meet the eligibility criteria, you may be able to receive Austudy/Abstudy.

You will be assigned a specialised Online Supported mode assessor, who will guide and support you during your training journey. Training is delivered live online where you can engage and participate, or you can choose to view the training videos at a time that suits you. Through the use of online methods, including online conferencing and our Online Learning Management

System, there is no requirement for you to attend the seminar training sessions in person. However, where possible, you may need to attend the assessment day in your local region once a term. The official commencement dates for our online supported mode are early February and mid-year, in July. Enrolments open online a couple of months prior to commencement.