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Diploma of Counselling (Christian)

10486NAT Diploma of Counselling (Christian)

aifc’s 10486NAT Diploma of Counsellling (Christian) is a foundational training year that equips you with effective people helping skills. The training you will receive during the course forms an essential foundation for further counselling training. You will be exposed to theological, psychological and spiritual approaches to counselling. A second main thrust of the training is to cultivate and grow in your own discipleship journey.

It covers topics such as Christian discipleship, legal and ethical issues in counselling, biblical interpretation, practical counselling skills, Christian restoration and reconciliation, working with cultural diversity, cognitive behaviour therapy, and common psychopathologies including depression and anxiety.

PLEASE NOTE:  The information below relates to courses undertaken as part of aifc’s 2018 February intake. For information regarding fees, census dates or unit structures from previous years intakes, please email studentservices@aifc.com.au 

Delivery Mode
Delivery Mode

At the beginning of each year:

10486NAT Diploma of Counselling (Christian) is delivered through the following programs:

Seminar-based Program:

This program requires full-time students to spend 13 days a year at the study centre. That is, you attend 2×3 day intensives and 2×2 day intensives and one final day at the end of your course. In between seminars you will complete your work mainly via correspondence. This approach to studying allows you to study from wherever you are, with easy access to your trainers and assessors, who will guide you through your course.

Distance-based Program:

Our Distance Education Program is ideal for students who cannot get to their nearest centre, due to distance, or work/family commitments. Full-Time or Part-Time options are available within this program.

You will be assigned a specialised distance education assessor, who will guide and support you during your training journey. You will have the opportunity to join live online teaching with our distance training staff, or view the training videos to watch at a time that suits you. Through the use of technology, including video conferencing, there is no requirement for you to attend a seminar in person.

Our Distance Education Program is currently available in English with Korean language support provided through bi-lingual tutors.

On Campus Program:

The On Campus Program offers a rich, multicultural learning experience for students from all over the world. Students study 15 hours a week (typically a Tuesday and Wednesday) in Stanmore, Sydney. Discussion forums make up an additional 5 hours of online training each week. Only Full Time study is available through the On Campus Program.

Mid Year: 

Students enrolling into the mid-year 10486NAT Diploma of Counselling (Christian) will undertake their course via distance educationA specialised distance-based trainer will guide and support you throughout the course, keeping in contact through various online means including Skype, moodle messaging and web conferencing. 

You are not required to attend any face-to-face sessions (thanks to Skype and the ability to upload videos) but you will get to know your trainer and other students through online means.  Assessments are uploaded to our learning platform and consist of written, audio and video tasks. 
– This program is available as both a full time or part time study option. 

You will require:

– Access to a computer with a web cam and a secure, reliable internet connection

– Basic computer and word processing skills

– Good written and spoken English 

Course Units
COCCDF501A Apply Christian discipleship foundations
The study and application of foundational biblical concepts to promote discipleship in the life of a Christian counsellor. The focus is on the development of personal discipleship.
COCALS595A Apply active listening skills from a Christian perspective
The knowledge and skills required to implement active listening from a Christian perspective, with a focus on the foundational skills of attending, respect and empathy.
COCTPS502A Integrate theories of theology, psychology and spirituality relevant to counselling
An introduction to the nature and general problems of humanity, the nature of God, and the role of psychology. The focus is on developing a balanced integration of theology, psychology and spirituality.
COCTMP505A Evaluate theories and models of psychotherapy
An introduction to psychodynamic, experiential and cognitive behavioural streams of psychotherapy and to the role of prescribed medication in counselling and therapy. Integrating the compatible benefits of each stream, a definition of Christian counselling is proposed, and the theoretical framework of the aifc’s general counselling model is explored.
HLTWHS300A Contribute to WHS processes
This unit specifies the workplace performance required by a worker to contribute to work health and safety (WHS) processes where there is responsibility for own work outputs and possibly limited responsibility for the work output of others.
CHCCSL502A Apply specialist interpersonal and counselling interview skills
Advanced and specialised communication skills in the client- counsellor relationship, including principles of effective verbal and non-verbal communication.
COCRED530A Apply redemptive truth in counselling
Analysis, evaluation and application of the role of rejection and its effects, together with God’s redemptive restoration process, within a contemporary counselling context.
CHCCSL508B Apply legal and ethical responsibilities in counselling practices
The skills and knowledge needed to identify and work within the legal and ethical frameworks that apply to counsellors, community services and health workers.
CHCCS514B Recognise and respond to individuals at risk
This unit provides skills and knowledge to enable workers to contain the situation and minimise any immediate risk and to provide appropriate referral for crisis intervention and ongoing support as required.
CHCCSL503B Facilitate the counselling relationship
A structured approach to Christian counselling to help determine, establish and confirm the counsellor-client relationship.
CHCCSL507B Support clients in decision- making processes
Helping clients clarify their goals and requirements, exploring options with clients, and supporting clients to facilitate change that lasts.
COCCBT520A Evaluate and apply Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Analysis and evaluation of the development of cognitive behaviour therapy, and a practical method of cognitive restructuring that learners apply in a counselling context. The focus of the unit is the relationship between core beliefs, self-talk, feelings and behaviour and its relevance to the biblical concept of renewing the mind.
CHCCSL501A Work within a structured counselling framework
This unit describes the knowledge and skills required to work within the agency’s agreed counselling model
CHCCSL512A Determine suitability of client for counselling services
The application of knowledge and skills described in this unit of competency may relate to functions such as providing information to clients or reporting or referring issues outside scope of practice of individual worker
HLTHIR403C Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
This unit deals with the cultural awareness required for effective communication and cooperation with persons of diverse cultures
COCGCM512A Apply the aifc General Counselling Model
A specific model of counselling based on the aifc definition of Christian counselling. It also provides ethical and therapeutic uses of Christian counselling methods and opportunities for practical application of the model.
Entry Criteria
Entry Criteria

All Students:

  • Essential entry requirements are a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or equivalent, or Mature Age (over 18 years and employment/life experience).
  • As the course is designed to train Christians, it is advantageous for students to have a genuine commitment to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith.
  • It is recommended that candidates have sufficient relevant work experience to indicate likely success at this level of qualification in a job role involving:
    • The self-directed application of knowledge with substantial depth in some areas
    • The exercise of independent judgement and decision-making
    • The application of relevant technical and other skills.
  • Entry is open to participants regardless of gender, race or Christian denomination.

All students who are enrolled into aifc’s 10486NAT Diploma of Counselling (Christian) will also be required to enrol in the CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling. A VET Student Loan may be accessed by eligible students for any unit in their CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling. For more information, please visit: https://www.aifc.com.au/vet-student-loan-scheme/

A Language Literacy and Numeracy Assessment must be completed by all students at enrolment.

NOTE: Students must provide proof of clearance to Work with Children within the first 25% of completion of the course. Clearance requirements differ between states and territories. For example Victoria (Working With Children check); Queensland (Blue Card); South Australia (Criminal History Check).

All applicants must complete a Student Support Assessment during their enrolment.

Locations Offered
Locations Offered:

The 10486NAT Diploma of Counselling (Christian) is delivered at the following locations through the seminar-based program:


The Sydney location also offers Korean Language Support

The 10486NAT Diploma of Counselling (Christian) is delivered at the following locations through the On Campus program:


Visit Locations for more details.

Delivery Option Course Fee VET Student Loan available Min. Supplementary Payment Resource Fee Total Fee
Distance Education $7,852 $5,292 $2,560 $0 $7,852
Seminar $7,852 $5,292 $2,560 $0 $7,852
On Campus $7,852 $5,292 $2,560 $1,000 $8,852

Resource fees are invoiced on a term basis. For a detailed breakdown of the fees, please click here.

*VET Student Loans are available to eligible students under their enrolment in the CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling. For more information, please visit: https://www.aifc.com.au/vet-student-loan-scheme/