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Student Support

What help and support can I expect as a student?


As a student, you will be personally supported, coached and mentored throughout your training by a dedicated trainer. aifc Regional/Program Directors are also available for support and advice. In addition, you are encouraged to discuss issues during seminars with your trainers and other aifc staff.

Between seminars, you can discuss issues relating to the course with your trainer, Regional/Program Director or the aifc National Office in person, by telephone, fax or email.

Year 2 and Year 3 students can also discuss problems with their supervisor during counselling supervision.

You are encouraged to openly share with your trainer any problems you may be having with your assignments, issues that may be arising from the teaching and finances, or personal problems relating to the course.

If you are experiencing personal problems not related to the course, you should seek help through your local church or a qualified counsellor.


Students with Disabilities

Many students with disabilities have successfully completed our courses. All students have strengths and weaknesses, some of which may affect their studies. Students who have special disabilities may seek special consideration. Staff are encouraged to help all students to develop their gifts and abilities to the fullest possible extent.

If you have a disability that you think may affect your studies, indicate it on the Online Application for Enrolment while completing the form. aifc will consider your needs if these are made known in the appropriate manner and time.

Having a disability will not exempt students from being required to meet the necessary course requirements and standards. Trainers will be available to assist you in meeting these requirements.

Students are expected to seek advice, help or assistance before, rather than after, submitting their assignments.

Personal information about your disability will be kept confidential, as far as possible.