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VET FEE-HELP (expired)

VET FEE-HELP (expired)


NOTE: VET Student Loans commenced on 1 January 2017, replacing the VET FEE-HELP scheme, which ceased for new students on 31 December 2016.

If you have accessed a VET FEE-HELP loan prior to 31 December 2016 (i.e. you had at least one census date for your course that occurred on or before 31 December 2016), and will be continuing your studies after 1 January 2017, you will not be automatically transferred to the new VET Student Loans program. You will need to ‘opt-in’ to keep access to VET FEE-HELP loan for your course.

For information about VET FEE-HELP, including how to opt-in to VET FEE-HELP in 2017 and what to do if your VET FEE-HELP provider closes down, or if you have general VET FEE-HELP complaints and enquiries, please visit:


VET FEE-HELP Resources


VET FEE-HELP information booklet 2016

VET FEE-HELP Debt Complaints


What was VET FEE-HELP?

VET FEE-HELP was a Government loan scheme that assists eligible students to pay their tuition fees for higher-level vocational education and training (VET) courses (at the diploma-level and above) undertaken at approved providers.

VET Student Loans commenced on 1 January 2017, replacing the VET FEE-HELP scheme. The new VET Student Loans program offers greater protection for students and focus on courses that address industry needs, creating better opportunities for employment. VET Student Loans offers income contingent loan support to eligible students studying Diploma level and above vocational education and training qualifications.

VET FEE-HELP 2016 Tuition Dates & Census Dates

All Courses – Tuition Fees for 2016 and 2016 Mid-Year

2016 Unit Fees, Study Periods and Census Dates – Diploma

2016 Unit Fees, Study Periods and Census Dates – Advanced Diploma

2016 Unit Fees, Study Periods and Census Dates – Graduate Diploma

2017 Study Periods and Census Dates – All Courses

2018 Study Periods and Census Dates – Diplomas and Advanced Diploma

2018 Study Periods and Census Dates – Graduate Diploma

VET FEE-HELP Grandfathering

Students engaged in study who accessed VET FEE-HELP for their course prior to 1 January 2017 had the choice to opt-in to continue their study with access to VET FEE-HELP until 31 December 2017, with students able to apply to continue beyond 2017 in some circumstances*.

The department sent out opt-in emails and letters progressively from December 2016 to all students with records reported by their providers.

For more information on VET FEE-HELP Grandfathering and student eligibility, click on this link. 

*In some circumstances some students may be eligible to extend their VET FEE-HELP assistance beyond 31December 2017. Such circumstances may include, for example, illness or caring responsibilities. Part-time students may also be eligible for further extension. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Details on these arrangements about how students can request VET FEE-HELP for 2018 will be published on the website later in 2017.

VET FEE-HELP (Expired) 

VET Student Loans commenced on 1 January 2017, replacing the VET FEE-HELP scheme. Provisions were made for continuing VET FEE-HELP students, who accessed VET FEE-HELP before 30 December 2017, to continue their studies under their existing VET FEE-HELP arrangements. Detailed information in regards to the “grandfathering” arrangements can be found in the Information for VET FEE-HELP Grandfathering students Fact sheet.