aifc Equip | Online Counselling Short Courses
A membership that gets
you equipped

Providing Christian counsellors, educators and church teams ready access to carefully curated professional and personal development.

  • 24/7 Access to the aifc Equip catalogue of online short courses & webinars
  • 100+ hours of biblically-integrated personal and professional development
  • 600+ pages of downloadable resources to keep
  • New courses added every month
  • OPD certificates for every completed course
  • 25% discount on selected special courses and live online PD events

Equip Membership

The aifc Equip membership gets you and keeps you equipped with over $5,000 worth of value.

$39.00 AUD per month (excl. GST)

Courses available on-demand or through your aifc membership.

Meet your OPD requirements

Automatically stores all of your OPD and training in a secure, exportable online log book.

Evidence based. Gospel centred.

Courses developed within a Christian worldview reflecting industry best practice content.

New courses added monthly.

A growing catalogue of resources informed by your feedback, interests and requirements.


aifc Equip delivered the best PD our school has ever received.